Matt Kruse

Solutions Architect, Alexa Champion, Web Developer, Social Media Tweaker
I do a lot of things. Here are some of them:

Alexa Champion

I was one of the first 10 Alexa Champions under Amazon's recognition program


A javascript/node framework for building Alexa Skills

Social Fixer

A browser extension to enhance and customize Facebook


A site I created for coders to write algorithms to play games against each other

The Effective Communication Manifesto

I published my thoughts on effective communication in the workplace


My public github presence. Many of my repos are private.


My Facebook profile, where you can stalk me and subscribe to my public updates (which I rarely make)

A simple site to monitor my home town's local weather by scraping and aggregating content from other places

A full-featured javascript pub/sub library originally created by me, now maintained by others

My very old and now-defunct collection of javascript libraries, linked here for posterity

PHP Excel Reader

An old PHP library to read binary XLS files