Matt Kruse

Web Developer since 1994, Alexa Champion, Facebook Fixer, Javascript Guru, Father, Husband
with an unquenchable curiosity, a creative mind, and an unrealistic desire to understand everything

(Some Of) My Work

Alexa Champion
I was one of the first 10 Alexa Champions under Amazon's recognition program
Social Fixer
A browser extension to enhance and customize Facebook
Talk Time for Google Meet
A browser extension that tracks who is talking and how much in Google Meet calls
Old Layout for Facebook [Now defunct]
A browser extension to force Facebook back to its pre-Sep-2020 layout
Alexa Fixer [No Longer Maintained]
A browser extension to fix and enhance the Alexa Developer Console
My Catan Board
A playable digital board for the game Catan
BattleScripts [WIP]
A POC site I created for coders to write algorithms to play games against each other
The Effective Communication Manifesto
I published my thoughts on effective communication in the workplace
A simple site to monitor my home town's local weather by scraping and aggregating content from other places
My Open Leaderboard [No Longer Maintained]
A customized leaderboard for the Crossfit Open competitions, which scrapes data from the official site
A full-featured javascript pub/sub library originally created by me, now maintained by others
PHP Excel Reader
An old PHP library to read binary XLS files
Tabs Are Better Than Spaces
A fun little site to win the war


My public github presence. Many of my repos are private.
My Facebook profile, where I stay mostly private.
I rarely use LinkedIn.
I read more than I write on Twitter.