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Almost all of my javascript code has been moved over to its new home at The Javascript Toolbox. Please go there to find the latest scripts, information, etc. These pages will remain here for a while for historical purposes in case anyone needs a production copy of old code.
JavaScript Toolbox
This is a collection of Javascript source files, examples, and concepts. Use these instead of always re-inventing JavaScript solutions. If you have bug reports or requests for solutions, visit the Support Forum.
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Note: You may use this code in your programs and on your sites, but you may not re-distribute the code for download. Meaning, you can't put it up on your site for others. If you would like others to find it, please link to this page. Thanks.

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Name Description
(Updated Mar 1, 2004)
Uses DHTML to turn an ordinary <UL> list into a dynamic, expandable, collapsable tree structure. No javascript coding required!
Calendar Popup
(Updated Mar 24, 2004)
This script uses DHTML or Popup windows to display a calendar for the user to select a date. It was designed to look and behave like Microsoft Outlook.
Draggable IFRAME Windows
(Updated Jan 23, 2004)
Allows IFRAME objects to be dragged around the screen in the same way that popup windows or draggable DIV tags are often used.
Validation Functions
(Updated Dec 29, 2003)
These are reusable functions for common validations. It includes things like checking if a value is a number, integer, blank, etc. It also has generic routines for getting the value of any type of input field, as well as checking if the value has changed.
Date Functions These functions are for date manipulation and formatting. You can parse any date string according to a format string, compare dates, check for a valid date, and output any date in a specific string format.
Anchor Position This library has one (not-so-simple) purpose: to get the coordinates of an anchor tag (<A>) on the page.
Popup Window This code lets you popup a window (or an inline layer), populate it, refresh it, auto-hide it, etc. It makes easy to create a popup for any reason!
Color Picker This widget is used to select a color, in hexadecimal #RRGGBB form. It uses a color "swatch" to display the standard 216-color web-safe palette. The user can then click on a color to select it.
Dynamic Option List
(Updated Apr 5, 2004)
This library allows you to create dynamic select list contents, when the options in a list depend on which item is selected in another list.
Selectbox Functions These functions include sorting options in a select box, moving them up and down, passing values between two select boxes, etc.
Option Transfer
(Updated Jul 12, 2004)
This object is a simpler interface for moving options between select boxes, and keeping track of which options were changed using hidden input fields.
(Updated Feb 29, 2004)
This library lets you quickly and easily make multiple checkboxes behave as a group by limiting the total number of boxes that can be checked and/or have a master control checkbox.
Data Dumper
(Added Mar 17, 2004)
A simple utility to view the structure and contents of an object, in a format similar to Perl's Data::Dumper module.
Sortable Table This script implements a client-side sortable table. Users can click on the column headers of a table and the data will be re-sorted int he browser without going back to the server.
TabNext Use this to automatically tab to the next available field. It skips hidden fields, disabled fields, etc. This is useful when a field should be 'disabled' and automatically skipped when it gets focus.
Auto-Complete This script is used when you have an input box and a select box, and the user can either select a value or type one in. If they type one in, the matching option from the select box is selected as they type.
Auto-Tab This script is useful for input fields for Phone numbers. When you enter 3 digits in the first box, it will auto-tab to the next box, etc.