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This is a set of tools which extend the right-click context menu of Internet Explorer. By simply installing these tools, your browser will have added functionality which can greatly help in debugging pages, designing sites, diagnosing form problems, tweaking design, etc.

I've been using these tools for quite some time, and have finally found the time to package them and make them available to everyone. I hope you find them as useful as I have in my every day use.

When using Internet Explorer, right-clicking anywhere in the page brings up the context menu, similar to what can be seen at right. These tools get added to that menu, as shown in yellow. They can then be used on any page you are viewing! Try going to Yahoo's site and viewing their hidden table layout, or seeing how CNN uses SPAN and DIV tags and hidden form fields!

Download Matt Kruse's IE Context Menu Toolset Now! (Manual Install)
ContextMenuSetup.exe (Automated Install, provided by Aaron Yourk)
The toolset is FREE! for download and personal use.

To install, download the ZIP file and UNZIP in the ROOT of your C: drive. This will create a 'contextmenu' subdirectory. See the readme.txt for more detailed information.

If you have any Questions, Comments, or Bug Reports please use the Support Forum.

Below is a description of each item in the toolset:
Example Description
  Dictionary Lookup
Pops up a window with the definition of any highlighted text, as supplied by If no text is selected, it prompts for a word to lookup.
  Force All Links To Open In A New Window
Forces the TARGET of all links on the page to become "_new", which causes them to open up in a new browser window.

Show Hidden Inputs
Show Hidden Inputs
Turns all hidden form inputs on the page into visible text boxes, in yellow, preceded by the input name. Easy way to debug form problems, and/or mess around with other sites' (lack of) server-side validations!

Show Link Targets
Show Link Targets
Changes the TITLE of all links to show the link's HREF, OnClick, and TARGET properties, as well as the previous TITLE.

Showing DIVS and SPANS
Toggle DIV/SPAN Borders
Changes the border of all DIV tags to a red dashed line, and all SPAN tags to a blue dashed line. Also sets the TITLE of each to contain the ID and CLASS of the tag, so hovering over with a mouse will give you the details. Select this option again to turn it off.

Links Highlighted
Toggle Link Highlights
Highlights all text links on the page with a yellow background color. Select this option again to turn it off.

With Table Borders
Toggle Table Borders
Sets BORDER=1 for all tables, to help view the layout. Select this option again to set the tables back to their original borders.
  View Archived Page
If you get a 404 error on a page which is no longer available, you can use this to see if there is an archived version of the page at Google or at the Wayback Machine.

Zoom 200%
Zoom 50%
ZOOM --> in <--
Lets you zoom in or out of the page.